A Project Management Consulting Firm



Portfolio Management

Doing more with less

Turbulent and uncertain conditions have intensified the need to ensure that every strategic project is performing to expectations, delivering optimal value, and aligned with strategy so as to assure a sustainable competitive advantage. We work with you to "do more with less" by analyzing, understanding, prioritizing, and measuring the impact of ongoing projects and determining the required scale and scope of involvement, so you do not over-commit your resources. We work to improve project delivery and completion rates, reduce overspending and activities which do not add value, and streamline your operations and collaborative efforts.


Project Management

Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet

Today's environments have become more complicated, sophisticated, and uncertain, thus requiring ever expanded understanding, strength, and leadership. We leverage our experience and knowledge, ensuring that our client's projects regardless of how challenging or complex, are successfully managed and completed.

We undertake projects of all types, but predominantly focus on construction and management projects. Construction projects typically involve the design and erection of new buildings and facilities and the renovation or remodeling of existing ones, whilst management projects typically arise when organizations are seeking to improve revenues and reduce expenses, develop and introduce new systems, restructure their operations, and improve profitability. 

Our expertise runs through the life cycle of each project. We ensure that requirements are captured, goals clearly articulated, and boundaries are explicitly defined. In doing so, we challenge dated management thinking and approaches, working to find the most efficient, cost effective, and creative project solutions for our clients. 


Construction Management

The road to success is always under construction

From small to large construction projects, we partner with and guide our clients on best practice and execution. We lead, plan, manage, and coordinate each element of their projects, from design to budget development and control, procurement, contract administration, quality and safety management, cost supervision, and professional practice.

Our design and construction experience coupled with a proactive approach, do allow us to mitigate the challenges of construction and the often unforeseen, such as project delays, scheduling and safety issues, changes, and design errors. We offer added value through our expertise and knowledge, improved methods and processes, and resource management.

We understand that the built environment can have profound effects, both positive and negative, on the natural environment and the people who inhabit buildings every day. As part of our approach, we incorporate elements of green building design and sustainability as they seek to amplify the positive and mitigate the negative effects of construction, by focusing on the use of renewable materials and sources of energy, improving energy utilization and indoor air quality, lowering overall emissions, and employing various other strategies which enhance and protect biological diversity. 


Business Management

What's measured improves

We partner with clients to provide the managerial support, leadership, and assistance which may be required to improve their operational and financial performance. This is achieved through the detailed analysis of existing business problems and the development of plans for change and improvement.

We provide a strategic overview on the current position of the organization, review proposed courses of action, catalyze change by recommending alterations to existing processes, offer additional strength and support, and where applicable, assist in the implementation of new systems. With our knowledge and experience at your disposal, we can impact your strategic efforts, people, and organizations in a meaningful, sustainable, and positive way.