We're Redesigning Our Website


Design Mock-up

We will soon be celebrating a milestone in our journey. Over the past several years, our business has grown, new relationships have been formed, and we have both started and completed a number of projects. We stand now, looking toward the many challenges that 2018 will bring. In recognition of one phase ending and another beginning, we are redesigning our website to bring you an all new, yet familiar experience. 

The current site has served as well. It was simple, beautiful, and worked. But as our business grows, we felt that it needed to be adapted to do more and reflect our development, maturity, and focus. In some of the feedback we received, it was clear that many of you didn't know exactly what we did and why. 

So, we are proceeding with a change to the site's layout, introducing more of our brand identity and image into the aesthetic, and streamlining much of the content. The site would be easier to navigate and understand. Our journey and services would be clearer and you should feel more comfortable with who we are as a team and what are seeking to achieve for our clients. 

With the redesigned website, we also aimed to more reflect our values and passion for projects, and share with you some of the work we have done. We are nearing the end of this process, aiming to have the new design go live within the next week or two. Your feedback and thoughts on the new look will be welcomed.