Guyana Trade Mission


Kaieteur Falls, Guyana. Courtesy Defense Institute for Medical Operations

We are currently participating in a Trade Mission to Guyana, led by the dynamic and committed export facilitation teams at exporTT, the sole export facilitation organization for Trinidad and Tobago. ExporTT's mandate includes the generation of export growth and diversification opportunities across local goods and services sectors, and expansion into new markets throughout the region. 

From January 29th to 31st, we will be meeting with investors and organizations across diverse sectors, with the aim of developing new relationships, communicating our value proposition, and assisting new clients in achieving sustainable and meaningful business value and results. According to Owen Verwey, CEO of Go Invest in his opening presentation, Guyana is now open for business with numerous opportunities within the ICT, Forestry, Light Manufacturing, Mining, Energy, Tourism, and Services sectors. He also shared some of the barriers to entry, legislation frameworks, and some of the lucrative incentives that are open to organizations, investors, and other businesses seeking to enter the market. 

We are truly pleased to be part of this Trade Mission and do look forward to having our experience, expertise, knowledge, standards, and values underpin and support the success of those clients that we ultimately seek to serve. If you are in Guyana and interested in having our team support your next strategic initiative, we would love to hear from you.