Developing A More Balanced Approach To Project Work


National Grand Theater of China. Courtesy Aurelio Asiain

There are some in the project management field, who believe that the core focus of our work should be on those methodologies and frameworks which help us as project managers, to complete projects on time, under budget, and within scope. Whilst important, our understanding of project work continues to evolve, now requiring a much more balanced approach - especially in how we manage people. By incorporating and mastering a few key management behaviours, we believe that a far superior project environment can be created. One, which better encourages and facilitates project success.

Communicating Constantly

Project management requires constant communication with all project sponsors, clients, team members, functional managers, and stakeholders. Start by understanding the communication needs, requirements, and desired formats of each person, and communicate with them in a timely and effective manner. Be transparent and do not withhold information. If there are issues, such as delays, conflicts, or changes, do not conceal them - bring them out into the open and address promptly. This helps to build trust and would allow you and your team to work more effectively. 

Being Honest

Being honest is integral to the success of any project or initiative. Tell your clients, sponsors, managers, and team members the truth about the project, its goals, objectives, risks, and expected outcomes. If there are alternatives, failures, delays, long hours to be worked, or tight deadlines, tell them. If you disagree with a recommendation, approach, or attitude, do communicate it. Encourage feedback and open discussion. Fear of being honest, failing, or being seek as weak, is an undesirable quality in any respectable manager. Telling the truth helps build mutual respect and deeper understanding.

Fostering The Spirit Of Collaboration

With trust, respect, and understanding being engendered throughout your project environment, your team would become more productive and responsive to the changes within the project environment, work closer together, and become more creative in its solving of problems.