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Focus. Courage. Resilience.

In increasingly uncertain and turbulent environments, having a sound business strategy is integral to success. More importantly, projects only add value, once they form part of or support this overarching strategy. Without effective project implementation or execution however, strategy renders little or no value. This is precisely where we make a difference for our clients: Implementation.

Approximately 60% of organizations today, face significant challenges in bridging the gaps between their business strategy and its implementation. Less than 56% of all projects on average, are successfully completed on time and within budget. This is due largely in part to poor planning and resource utilization, ineffective leadership, and a lack of communication. 

We assist our clients in overcoming these challenges by advising on, designing, and executing projects across their lifecycle. Where projects may be troubled or lacking leadership, focus, and momentum, we will work with you to get them back on track and in alignment to strategy. We have a passion for projects and take joy in being able to deliver value to all of our clients.



The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

In Okinawa, Ikigai is thought of as the reason for getting up in the morning, being, or simply enjoying life. Rather than trying to do everything well, we decided to just do a few things brilliantly. Our Ikigai resides in the passion that we have for projects, collaborating with and serving others, and in being able to add input and value to any project or major initiative.

Inspired by the bonsai tree, our brand seeks to convey harmony, order, sustainability, and balance – qualities reflected in our philosophy and consulting approach, relationships with clients and partners, and the wider environments in which we operate.

Established by divine directive in 2013, Ikigai Consulting is aligned to God's will, values, standards, intent, and expectations. We aim therefore to be a representative model of integrity, quality, creativity, leadership, and excellence in our field, underpinned by a belief that project management principles and approaches have strategic relevance to today's organizations and business leaders.



For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

By possessing a client-centered and communicative focus, we are able to deliver a quality service. Our consulting approach was founded upon five core beliefs or principles which to set us apart in our field. We believe that;

  • God owns this firm and He is building it in a manner that is qualitatively different. In our work, we ascribe to and espouse the principles and thinking set forth and expected by His Word. We are therefore stewards and everything that we do, seeks to bring honour and glory to Him.
  • Strategy is only as good as the execution behind it. We focus on effective planning and implementation, with the understanding that strategy and execution must be carefully aligned, thereby forming an integrated whole.
  • Context is integral to understanding the environments and challenges which face our clients' organizations and projects. Nothing happens in isolation and this helps to inspire, inform, and shape our solutions for overcoming these limitations. 
  • Success is linked to not only meeting a project's goals, requirements, and specifications, but also the standards and expectations of the client.
  • Change must not simply happen. It must be focused, occur within the context of the project or client organization, and at a pace which exceeds that of the client's competitors and customers.


Adelwyn Holder: Founder, Managing Director, & Project Manager

Mr Holder has over twenty (20) years of cross-functional architectural and engineering design, construction, and project management experience gained through work on and the leadership of a number of construction, business, non-profit, and community-based projects throughout Trinidad & Tobago and the southern English-speaking Caribbean.

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